Friday, July 30, 2010

How and when to choose your final year Project...

Hmmm... This may be a question to ignore... But the fact is, Project work is something that can change your future. A good and innovative project can make u a multi-billionaire. And selection of project or thinking what to do in project is a tedious process. The best time to select your project is Pre-final year. Start thinking about your project from pre-final year itself or else you really have to suffer a lot if you choose in final year. Because 99% we wont be able to select the project in which we are really interested. Hardware Project is always the best. While recruitment, these project speaks a lot. Even if you don't have enough cgpa scored in exam, these projects will surely get you the job provided the project must be really a good and application oriented.

You need not to be good in aptitude or vocabulary or you need not to be participated in lot of symposiums. Just choose your project good and implement it and you definitely get the job.

And choosing a project itself involves a lot of procedures.

  1. Choose your field of interest. Say DSP, DIP, Embedded Systems or FPGA, WSN, Computer Networks, Security, Wireless communication, Mobile communication, Satelite Comunication.
  2. Then you have to study the in-and -out of the field. Like emerging trends in the particular field, existing technologies apart from what is mentioned in books, register in forum or e-magazines, etc. Search for white papers and all.
  3. After you have done these, you almost secured your future. The next thing you have do is taking decision whether you want to go for hardware project or just a software project.
  4. Hardware project is always the best and difficult. Hardware project itself involves software.
  5. Then you have to choose what kind of software or programming language you are going to use.
  6. And great... you are done. You got prepared for the zeroth review now itself.

Don't take the zeroth review lightly. It's the first gate. once you entered the gate, you have been locked and made your way on your risk.

Choosing of Team Members is also very important. It's not like you have to choose the best CGPA guy/girl. Choose the member in the way that what you can't do can be done by other. Don't worry if you have chosen a high cost project. You can get sponsor if your idea is really good and acceptable. But the most important thing in project is you have to be dedicated and don't always point your finger to other members of the team. Do whatever you can. Be positive.

If you chose your project in pre-final year itself, you just check the dept. site and check out the Prof/Asst. Prof/lecturer 's field of interest and approach him/her and choose as a guide. Choosing guide in final days of your pre-final year is like getting ticket for a blockbuster movie. So book your guide now itself.

Forget about all the theories you have. You can study them in a day before exams. Those won't help to get you the job. Concentrate on what you are and what you can do. Don't loose your self-esteem and self-confidence. Plan your work and work your plan.

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